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A connection error.
- Cannot retrieve connection details. Check the Discoverer application log for more details.
- Attempt 1. CORBA protocol : Failed to bind to session using IOR : null Hint: An administrator can further diagnose connection problems by running the "checkdiscoverer" script under /oracle/middleware/discvinst_1/Discoverer/<DISCOVERER_COMPONENT_NAME>/util.
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To connect to Oracle BI Discoverer, click on a connection name or enter your connection details directly.

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DetailsConnectionSorted in descending orderDescriptionUpdateDelete
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Accts Receivable / Contacts and Grants IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionAccts Receivable / Contacts and Grants IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Coastal Management IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionCoastal Management IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Conservation IN-HOUSE Report ConnectionConservation IN-HOUSE Report Connection
CPRA IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionCPRA IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Data Check IN_HOUSE Reports ConnectionsData Check IN_HOUSE Reports Connections
Federal Pipeline IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionFederal Pipeline IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
IT Projects IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
IT Projects USER Reports Connection
LEVEE Gates IN-HOUSE Report Connection
LEVEE Permits IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Minerals IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionMinerals IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Office of the Secretary IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionOffice of the Secretary IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
Sonris Coastal Management ConnectionSonris Coastal Management Connection
Sonris Conservation ConnectionConservation Reports Connection
Sonris Hurricanne ConnectionHurricane Preparedness/Aftermath Reports Connection
Sonris Minerals ConnectionSonris Minerals Connection
Sonris Public ConnectionSonris Discoverer Connection
Sonris Underground Injection Control ConnectionUnderground Injection Control Reports
TECH Services IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionTECH Services IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
UCM IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionUCM IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
UIC IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionUIC IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
WLF Alligator IN-HOUSE Reports ConnectionWLF Alligator IN-HOUSE Reports Connection
WLF Hunting/Boating Safety IN_HOUSE Reports ConnectionWLF Hunting/Boating Safety IN_HOUSE Reports Connection
WLF Recreational License IN_HOUSE Reports ConnectionWLF Recreational License IN_HOUSE Reports Connection

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